Minnesota Young American Leaders Program and Young American Leaders Program

It is time to nominate rising leaders for the 2024 Minnesota and
National Young American Leaders Programs!

The Minnesota Young American Leaders Program will be held May 19-22, 2024 at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities campus. The national Young American Leaders Program will be held in June 2024 at Harvard Business School (dates will be confirmed soon; in the past, it has been held the second or third week in June). There is no cost to participants to attend either program.

Minnesota YALP Program
The Minnesota Young American Leaders Program (MYALP) is an intensive, three-and-a-half day program at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities convening approximately sixty rising leaders from across for-profit, government, and non-profit sectors who are committed to working across sectors to help their communities and our region prosper inclusively. This year, MYALP will be welcoming cohorts from Greater Fargo-Moorhead, Greater Mankato, Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, Greater Rochester, Greater St. Cloud, and Northeast MN.

Selection Partners
Each region has its own local lead selection organization, who distributes the call for nominations and coordinates the selection process for that region. Our regional selection partners are:

National YALP
Launched in 2015 out of the School’s US Competitiveness Project and convening every June, YALP brings together 10 leaders from each of 14 cities across the country, throwing them into a full-on, nonstop HBS experience, from case discussions to speaker presentations to whiteboard sessions that ask participants to collaborate on solutions to a target issue their city is facing. Cohorts gain insight into where America and American cities stand today, understand models for cross-sector collaborations, learn personal lessons about collaborative leadership, and City Sessions that envision future collaborations in one’s hometowns.  Only nominees from the Minneapolis-St. Paul can apply to the national Program due to the nature and requirements of the YALP.

Participating Cities
Participating cities include:

  • Birmingham
  • Boston
  • Chattanooga
  • Columbus
  • Detroit
  • Miami
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis – St. Paul
  • Nashville
  • Pittsburgh
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Antonio
  • San Jose

Selection Partners
Selections is led by the Itasca Project.

Nominations and Applications

We welcome nominees who live or work in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to fill out the joint application form for the Minnesota and national Programs. There is a unified selection process for the MSP cohorts for these locations. The application asks nominees whether (and why) they are more interested in connections with other rising leaders across Minnesota or across the U.S. and whether they have a program location preference. We create balance cohorts for each Program and cannot guarantee that applicants will be offered their first-choice program.

Once nominations are received, nominees are contacted to confirm interest and provide them with more information about the program. If interested, nominees will complete a short application. Interested candidates are also invited to apply directly.  Successful applicants will be notified in mid-February 2024.

To nominate, please follow this link: Nomination Form 

To apply directly, please follow this link: Application Form

For more information, please visit the MYALP website or the Harvard Business School’s US Competitiveness page.